aaA cou ld you please stop sending fils

lright if we re close friens i just followed you on my new blog (i mightve forgot a few if i did im sorry) check your folowers 


an mp3 of Eminem - Brain Damage has been on my phone for like two years because it got stuck in the cloud or something and it has made itself impossible to delete. it also automatically changed its artist picture to Dr Dre. it’s probably sentient

time to remake ! 

my dads so fukcing idiotic i had my music on full blast so when he walked in the door without knocking i closed the tab and he was like 

"hiding your screen again arent you"

latonique replied to your post:everybody 
loves u

yes. i am the most loved person ever 

also im very sorry to all my close friends that i keep moving around;; i just havent been feeling safe with any of my blogs in the last month or so?

" please don’t "

- me when a whole bunch of enemies start attacking me on video games  (via pudingu)

ee do  i wanna remake again or not